About Us

Hog Roast HorshamEvent dining can be a very personal matter since it so often is helping to mark extremely personal occasions in life. For that very reason you’re going to want a caterer that truly values you and your time, and will be forthcoming in trying to find the exact right solutions for your event.  You see, we like to operate more like a family here at Hog Roast Halesowen, rather than a faceless company with little personality. It makes for better occasions ultimately, since the jovial and warm nature of the day can then win out when it feels more like friends and family rather than a company to a customer relationship. So, why not come learn a bit more about us and welcome yourself into the Hog Roast Halesowen family today!

A History of Innovation

Like our services, Hog Roast Halesowen is very much not your regular caterer. Our methods are out of the box just like us! It has helped us to get to where we are today, and so we will continue to strive for the innovative thinking and dynamic working that has seen us thrive for well over 30 years. Our way of being has pushed on to being the largest hog roast catering franchise in all of the UK, and we’re not content to stop even just there yet!

Hog Roast HalesowenNot content with the offerings available for truly stylish catering, we have worked to offer customers a dining experience that could not be beaten anywhere else. The Hog Roast Halesowen mission has always been about pushing boundaries and making more impressive events with ingenuity and style. We wanted to innovate on a market that barely even knew it needed innovation! Our lofty mission allows events to feel like exactly that: an event. Our novel dining service pulls out all the stops to make events into a grand spectacle and a superb dining experience that will most assuredly impress all.

Expert Catered Service From An Expert Team

Hog Roast HalesowenAfter 30 odd years delivering the nations best in hog roast catering we’re pretty adept at this by now. We may be biased, but Hog Roast Halesowen employs some of the best chefs in the UK to help raise your dining experience up to the premium quality it deserves to be. We set high standards for ourselves and hit them every single time we work. Our entire team is passionate about what we are doing here at Hog Roast Halesowen, and that buy in allows us to function more fully and strive for event better greatness. Plus, we’re just a friendly and lively bunch to boot! Every day is a dream here at the Hog Roast Halesowen offices and warehouses.

That team spirit carries through to your events helping them to feel even livelier and comfortable, all why remaining entirely professional and committed to the day, of course.

Bespoke Event Dining

Despite our name, Hog Roast Halesowen is of course so much more than just our beloved hog roast. No event would be complete without a full compliment of the best foods around. For you event we will work with you to deliver a menu that works for you. Whether it is a formal event or informal, indoor or outdoor, an occasion that calls for a buffet or a set-menu table service, Hog Roast Halesowen has service packages that can help.

With many meats sourced from the best British farms, veggie and vegan mains and sides, all sorts of canapes, sides, salads, platters, desserts and more, there is no end to the brilliance on offer from Hog Roast Halesowen today! So, be sure to secure your next event with us today by calling or messaging Hog Roast Halesowen on the site or social now!